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Web Sites That Work

How can your Web site build profits and increase productivity with limited resources?

Words That Sell

Whether you are working to create or improve your Web site, there is a mountain of minutiae you need to keep in mind. Technology changes fast, and you have to run to keep up. But there’s one element that never changes: Writing words that sell.

SEO Techniques

A client recently asked us to do some SEO on their Web site. (SEO, or search engine optimization, is about designing your Web site so it achieves a high ranking on search engines such as Yahoo and Google.) We were alarmed to see what the previous company had done – lots of repetition of the […]

E-mail Campaigns

Want to increase readership of your e-mails? Using the same tactics as you would use for direct mail will help increase readership of your e-mail copy, according to an article by Pat Friesen in Target Marketing magazine’s July ’08 issue.

Web Site Access Information

Do you have your web site access information? We have many times dealt with companies that don’t have their access information – who their server is, their designer, their domain name registration company, passwords, etc…

Spring Cleaning

While you’re cleaning closets, dusting shelves and clearing out the garage, it’s a good idea to think about giving your Web site a good spring cleaning as well.

Keywords and Search Engine Optimization

The important thing to do is to create your Web site so that your keywords are worked into the copy. Keywords are, simply, the words that people put into their search engines to find information.