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Statistics on Mobile Usage for Business Websites

How necessary is it for your website to be adapted to mobile users? Real-life statistics regarding consumer and business websites – and which websites need that mobile edge.

Behind the Scenes, Part V: Links

One of the basic things people need to do on web pages and blog entries is to create links to other pages on the site or even other sites. How to create links in HTML, when to use them, and links & WordPress.

Behind the scenes: Website templates versus custom development

Website templates versus custom development – when do you need to call in a professional? For versatile page layouts, customized graphics, database work or a style that perfectly matches your company, you will need a website developer with advanced technical skills.

Ecwid, an affordable e-commerce tool

One of the tools I’ve come across lately that I’m particularly excited about is the Ecwid shopping cart. Ecwid works with your website and also with Facebook. It’s free up to a hundred products and works with many common payment processors such as PayPal,, etc.