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Social Media Resource Page

More and more of our customers and colleagues are using social media. Marketing professionals and business owners can apply a social media facet to their marketing strategy. We plan to post technical tidbits about social media on our social media resource page as we find them.

The Joomla Content Management System

A Joomla site gives you the power to create robust, extensible, shareable web content without having to know how to program in html.With a number of Joomla sites under our belt, has the expertise to get you up and running fast.

Two Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Your search engine optimization (SEO) may be affected by two important facets: and the Norton Safe Search utility. Taking care of these requires just a small investment in your time or your web developer’s time.

Best in Show at 2009 APEX Awards!

We are pleased to announce that one of our projects placed Best In Show at the Lake Communicators Annual APEX Awards. was a joint project with Villa Beach Communications. Villa Beach did the graphic design, and our web designers Corey Green and Kathy Smith coded the site. We also won a bronze award for […]

Don’t Trust The Internet To Get It Right!

Do a search in Google, Yahoo and Bing for your company name, your products, your market area and so forth to see if people are getting the correct information.

Beyond Your Web Site

Some people have the idea that once a Web site is up, all they have to do is wait for the orders to roll in or the word-of-mouth to catch on. And then the Web site just sits there. And sits there.

Does Your Site Work on All Browsers?

There’s a good chance that you yourself are using either Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8, but there are many other options out there. As it stands, Mozilla’s Firefox is a strong third in the browser wars, with Google Chrome, Safari, and Oper5 filling in the minor ranks and nine more that are too insignificant to list. Not including the smart phone market, that leaves you with 15 different ways to view the same site.

Who Owns Your Web Site?

In the wild and woolly world of Web site development, it pays to talk to friends and associates who have needs similar to yours and are happy with their developer. Make sure to ask one essential question: Who owns your Web site?

Picking a Domain Name

They say availability is the mother of invention… or is it necessity? Whichever it is, when you’re choosing a domain name, you may not get your first choice. What’s the next best thing? It’s time to get creative.

Web Site Pet Peeves

This month we asked our staff for their pet peeves regarding Web sites they’ve visited. Here are some of their suggestions: Sometimes it is hard to figure out how to reach someone in a company, according to marketing manager Laura Freeman. Make sure your contact information is clearly visible. Put contact information on every page, […]