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2014 Web Trends: Make Things Easier for Your Readers

Web is getting more mobile

The Los Angeles Times on 2013’s holiday shoppers: “Visits from mobile devices made up a record 48 percent of all online traffic – up 28.3% from last year.”

Coming out of 2013 and into 2014, there are some web trends that we’re already working on, both for our own website and customers’. The biggie is responsive design, which helps people see the same website better on an array of devices, be it via desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

Web is getting more accessible

Earlier this year, the Department of Justice stated that governments and associated organizations should start to make their websites compliant with the needs of disabled people. And not only government websites, but public websites might be required to do so, too. We’re in the process of making our own website compliant with WCAG 2.0.

Some guidelines for this already exist. Making websites accessible ranges a gamut of requirements including alt tags on images and captioning videos. These practices help people with visual impairments use screenreaders more easily.

Web is getting more usable

To convey credibility and facilitate sales, we’ve been working on designing or redesigning websites with clearer writing, more obvious calls-to-action, supplemental graphics and subheadings and multiple ways of doing the same thing (in case the first way isn’t obvious).

checklistSome things to consider:

  • Is the purpose of the website immediately understandable?
  • Can the phone number and contact info be found immediately, without the reader having to “dig” for it? Can they click it to make a call if on a mobile device?
  • Is the most important information on the website cued in various ways such as via graphics and subheadings?
  • Does the site load quickly enough?


We will keep you posted as technology, marketing trends and usability standards evolve for websites in 2014 and beyond.

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