About Us

Behind the Sites at Lakenetwork

Lakenetwork is a family-owned business providing website design and development for companies, professionals and organizations in the Cleveland, Ohio area and beyond. We specialize in providing the most cost-effective and appropriate solutions for clients’ online needs. We are located in Eastlake, Ohio.

Our People

Kathy Smith, President and Sr. Website Developer

Kathy SmithYour contact for managing and pricing your website project. Kathy has developed more than 200 websites – everything from n-tier enabled applications to e-commerce to your friendly brochure-style website. Prior to that Kathy worked for ten years in the controls industry as a software engineer specializing in user interfaces. Kathy’s a nose-to-the-grindstone person; she’s happiest when she is productive. Email Kathy or call 440-975-9580.

Corey Green, Sr. Website Developer

Corey GreenCorey specializes in UX design and back-end development. His repertoire ranges from static websites such as Habco Tool & Development to the extensive database and e-commerce work behind TSI TrainingHe is often toiling away behind the scenes setting up related client services or solving problems. When he’s not working, you are likely to find him doodling in graphics or code, brushing up on the news or reading whatever he can get his hands on.

Eric Cleek, Website Developer

Eric is a jack-of-all-trades designer & developer with a experience in a wide array of technologies both inside and outside of web development.  His strong skills include Javascript & jQuery development.  When not banging away on his keyboard at work, he spends his time banging away on his keyboard at home with personal web development projects, video games, and other pet projects.  He’s also been known to read a book or two.

Alex Roys, Website Developer

Alex RoysAlex specializes in graphic design and website development. His experience spans a wide range of services, from simple HTML websites and logo development to intricate database driven content managed systems and comprehensive marketing materials. When not in front of a computer, he likes to spend his time hiking with his dog, working on cars, or traveling from state to state in search of unique people and places.

Jerie Ireland Green, Bookkeeper

Jerie GreenFormer President and owner of Lakenetwork, Jerie is staying on part time to help with bookkeeping.


  • Jaye Wolfe Enterprises
  • Villa Beach Communications

Volunteer Work

We believe in advocating for the environment and community. Lakenetwork supports the following organizations with web development time and talent: