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Enewsletters: How to Get Started

This is the second article in our series of blogs about enewsletters. Last time, I emphasized that just about anyone who has an idea to promote can make good use of email marketing.

As we said last month, email marketing has a great return on investment. Figures from 2013 show an average return of $44 for every dollar spent.

Lakenetwork's EnewsletterEnewsletters can be pretty inexpensive, from as little as no money and just your added time, to paid services that come with more frills and possibly your use of a professional designer or writer. If you are fairly adept at using the Internet and can easily find your way around websites, chances are you can create your own basic newsletter with a program such as MailChimp.

For a professional touch, consider hiring a specialist to create a custom newsletter template that is more consistent with your branding and works well with it.

Great e-newsletter providers

Most of our own e-newsletters are created using Constant Contact and MailChimp. They’re both pretty easy to use.

The advantage of MailChimp is that it has a simpler set of screens, and that it’s free up to a certain point (12,000 emails/month). Constant Contact costs a minimum of $20 monthly, but gives you a 60 day trial period. MailChimp also does not offer support with its free version, whereas Constant Contact does.

I suggest trying both and seeing what you are more comfortable with.

E-newsletters keep you top-of-mind

In addition to putting information on your website, an enewsletter is definitely a good thing to use to motivate, instruct or persuade your reader. Enewsletters remind people about your business or organization. You are sending a message directly to them, right to their inbox, rather than simply hoping they will come to your website.

People don’t even have to read your enewsletter for it to be effective–just seeing your business name in the inbox is a reminder.

Of course, it’s good to write compelling newsletters anyway to make your marketing that much more effective.

Stay tuned for more enewsletter suggestions in next month’s installment.


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