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Our Favorite WordPress Plugin

Our clients have asked us to highlight some of our most useful tech tips to increase everyone’s knowledge of digital marketing. One of our favorite WordPress plugins is Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) which enables easy input of custom information.

We use ACF extensively and now I can’t imagine building sites without this plugin. It has saved many hours of tedious work. What might take us days to code by hand becomes hours for creating custom post editing screens and complex front-end layouts that are editable by the layperson. ACF makes it easier for your developer to grant editing access to you to more areas on your website.

ACFACF uses field groups to attach fields to specific types of pages. You can specify a complex layout that is not constrained to WordPress’s typical single rectangular article area on the screen. This is also ideal for a wide range of applications from staff directories to calendars to any kind of listing that uses the same set of information from entry to entry.

ACF has many built-in field types. Custom fields can include almost any function you can think of if implemented correctly.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Text fields and areas
  • Phone numbers and email addresses (enforces a format)
  • Images and files
  • Checkboxes
  • Color and date pickers

This plugin is one heavy-lifter! If you’re not using ACF for your website, be sure to consider it or ask your developer. (Coding is required to use this plugin on the front end.)

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