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Getting traffic on your Facebook business page

Recently I attended a Facebook seminar presented by Madison Bender of the Lake County Visitors Bureau. One very interesting point Bender brought up is the Edgerank issue for bringing traffic to your business Facebook page.

SearchingMany marketers assume that when they post their message on their Facebook business page, it pops up to the top of the stream of all the people who are fans of the page on Facebook.

Actually, Facebook uses an algorithm, Edgerank, to try to determine which posts are most important to its viewers. Factors for Edgerank include affinity, time decay, and the weight of the content.

Affinity means how closely the viewer has been interacting with the Facebook business page. If the viewer has tended to comment on the Page’s posts, then Facebook understands that the page is of interest to the viewer and is likely to place it near the top of the newsfeed.

Time decay is how long ago the post has been made–if it was made yesterday, it’s unlikely to pop up in the top of the stream. So the importance of posts fades over time in relation to Facebook’s news stream unless there are fresh interactions on the comments.

Weight of content means how interesting the content is likely to be to viewers. Facebook gives photos and videos more “weight” than links that take the viewers off-site.

So what can a marketer do to get people to blog posts and site pages, given the weight of content issue? One technique is to post an interesting, relevant photo or video, and in the descriptive text for it include a link back to the blog post or website page.

Other suggestions:

  • Improve interaction by asking questions. People love to answer questions!
  • Post every day if you can. It’s good to have a dedicated schedule. Return in any medium is based on intelligent investment and use.
  • Consider investing in Facebook ads to improve your number of page likes.
  • Consider adding a Facebook app that offers a special deal when the viewer likes your page.

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