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Latest Methods for Getting Found on the Internet

TeamworkGood SEO results for your business’s website used to be easy to obtain; now you may find that many competitors in your field are crowding you out.

In addition, the algorithms used by search engines to determine your website’s placement have become more sophisticated.

Traditional SEO (search engine optimization) efforts such as tag optimization, well-structured code, CSS, image optimization and keyword density and other such factors are still important. However, newer methods of optimization require teamwork between your developer, you, your customers, and your potential customers. The current model for success involves nurturing your web presence and not letting it go stagnant.

Blogging on WordPress

The traditional model used to mean you could specify a creative direction for your website developer, offer some initial content, and the developer would code it. Presto, done.

Today you are able to become even more a part of the team – and it is almost imperative that you do so. Not only can you specify the creative direction of your website; you can become more involved in creating and improving your website.

The larger the footprint of your website, i.e., the amount of information on the website, the more credibility your website has. If your site has a lot of information, it follows that you’ve invested a lot in it and that it is a good resource for people, and that will enhance your SEO rankings.

Blogging is an inexpensive and easy way to increase the amount of information on your website. We recommend that most of our customers blog if they can spare the time and if they can write compelling, professional content. WordPress is a great, free tool traditionally associated with blogging.

WordPress can manage not only your blog, by the way, but your entire site.  Your website designer can code it to look any way you’d like to best suit your needs. As a matter of fact, we’ve started to code most of our sites using the WordPress platform.

Incoming Links, You and Your Community

Incoming links have always been a key area that boosts search engine placement. It follows that the more links there are to your website, the more credible your website. We recommend that our customers try to develop their incoming links as much as possible.

Ideally, people will link back to your website via social media – if you can create web content and periodic articles that they find compelling and share with others. .

In addition, you can develop your incoming links by becoming involved in other organizations. Volunteer to write blog entries on their blogs! It is usually appropriate to have a link to your website in your article on their blog, or even an additional couple of links to blog entries you’ve created for your own website. This is a great way to develop not only incoming links, but to become more engaged in a positive way with a community with which you’d like to network.

Ratings: Encourage Your Customers to Play

Your customers can become more of a part of your team, too. Google seems to need to know that other people care about your business or organization; this makes sense. I believe that business rating tools are becoming more important. I notice that placement in Google Places results seems to correspond with businesses that have been rated well by services such as Citysearch  and the rating mechanism for each place page that Google provides. The more ratings, the better the placement, although this may just depend on the general popularity of the site. I have not really started pushing this strategy yet and don’t know the result in terms of incoming traffic, but it seems to make sense.

A good approach would be to ask customers if they would place a review on your business or organization’s Google Place page. That said, we’d appreciate a shout out on our Google Place page if you find these articles stimulating and/or if you are a client!

Be a Good Team Mate

Many variables are critical to the success of your web presence. We recommend being very thoughtful in the coding, presentation, and text content on your site. Ultimately, the key is to think like your potential audience and to try to anticipate its needs.

Finally, do consider conversion optimization when creating the core content for your site. Make sure you include a prominent call to action – a phone number, newsletter signup, or a message to “contact us now,” for instance. The core service pages and home page of your site need to orient your potential client and give them a reason to want to participate – and make to it easy for them as well!

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