Kathy Smith
Sr. Website Designer

Guest Blogging for Marketing and SEO

ideasOne of the things we have been encouraging people to do lately is to blog on other websites as a guest blogger, not just write on their own blogs.

There are so many organizations out there – blogging on other sites not only helps with your educational mission, but it is a practical way to develop incoming links to your own site and gently advertise your business.

So where can you guest blog? Those who deal with information, the arts and entertainment and those who have an easily identifiable educational mission have the easiest time of it:

  • Local newspapers quite often have a page for guest bloggers
  • Your local Chamber of Commerce might have a blog–great for business-to-business topics
  • What organizations do you belong to and how can your message help its members?

After you’ve identified some blogging venues and contacted the editors,
here are some additional considerations for SEO:

  • In the blog article you’ve submitted, make sure there is at least one link back to your website.
  • If you’ve blogged on your own site, don’t use exactly the same words as presented on your own site. You can paraphrase and re-write, but avoid just copying and pasting the same information (more info on the issue).
  • You can avoid duplication problems by using canonical tags but this would require coordination with your developer or the developer for the host of the guest blogs. It’s just best to not duplicate information on guest blogs.

Kathy Smith has developed more than 200 websites – everything from n-tier enabled applications to ecommerce to your friendly brochure-style website. She is senior developer at Lakenetwork.net, a website development company in Eastlake, Ohio.


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