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Marketing your business with custom email signatures

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Adding a nicely formatted signature to the bottom of your emails with some type of promotional message is fairly simple in email client programs such as Microsoft Outlook.

You can also add your company’s logo or additional images. But professionals should be aware that although it is possible to add logos and images, there are several issues:

1. Images might not appear in your clients’ email reading programs, so it’s possible that the signatures won’t appear as nicely as you expect them to if you use images.

2. Images can appear as attached files, even if you fully qualify the URLs, specifying that the image source lies on your web server or image server. Many users avoid opening emails that look like they have attachments.

> How to add a signature to your email

Lakenetwork can design a professional email signature and/or email marketing newsletter campaign for your business or organization. Contact us at (440) 975-9580 for more information.

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