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Heartbleed and Security; LinkedIn Business Page Changes…

Lots of news afoot in web world. One major thing affecting nearly everyone who uses the web is the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug. Many major websites have already upgraded their OpenSSL libraries with the patch; some haven’t.

I suggest that if you do online banking, contact your bank to see if they’ve done the patch. If so, you should update your password. (It’s probably better to wait until after the patch is done to update your password.) This includes not just your normal bank, but also things like merchant accounts.

LinkedIn Company Page Changes

LinkedIn logoIf you have a company page on LinkedIn, some changes are happening this month that might affect you. LinkedIn is removing its products and services pages April 14 and replacing them with showcase pages. It’s simple to make the changes, but the showcase pages are a little bit different than the old products and services pages. Deborah Chaddick Brown has a nice little article explaining what to do here.

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