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Sr. Website Designer

How a business-to-business company should use Facebook or LinkedIn

 Savvy social media marketers pay attention to where they post their message, not just what is in their message.

For instance, it would be annoying if our web development company posted a sales pitch right on our Facebook business page, as that would end up in the Facebook stream of fans who have “liked” us. We really don’t want to alienate them!

On the other hand, readers will recognize that posting genuinely useful information on Facebook rather than a sales pitch is a service. And it would be even more pertinent for our business to post the information on LinkedIn, which is more oriented towards business-to-business networking.

Marketers who are working for a nonprofit organizations or food and entertainment-related businesses have a much easier job. Social media audiences tend to be more sympathetic to posts by nonprofit organizations. We as audience want to support the organizations we believe in, and there is some social cachet to interacting with organizations on fun outlets like Facebook.

Likewise, food and entertainment is fun, and so to see a post about possible deals and activities is much more appealing and relevant on Facebook at the end of the day when we’re couch potato surfing at home.

At the other end of the spectrum, business-to-business social media marketing really is a bit nuanced and depends on several variables.

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, “Who is reading this? If I were that person, would I like to read this post?” I might even go as far as saying many businesses should seldom post promotions on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Then how do you get the deals in front of your customers as a business-to-business organization?

  • Unobtrusively on the side of a blog post or enewsletter
  • On your website’s home page
  • On chamber of commerce web pages or other organizations you belong to that offer member-to-member discounts or promotions available to the public
  • In banner ads on various pertinent sites

So a few words of advice for your business-to-business company: Foster good will by posting useful information on Facebook and LinkedIn – but avoid pitches on those venues.

Kathy Smith has developed more than 200 websites – everything from n-tier enabled applications to ecommerce to your friendly brochure-style website. She is senior developer at Lakenetwork.net, a website development company in Eastlake, Ohio.


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