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Recap: Seven Tidbits from an EMarketing Techniques Workshop


Lakenetwork was pleased to attend May’s eMarketing Techniques Workshop presented by Brad Kleinman of WorkSmart Integrated Marketing for Lake Communicators.

We brought away some useful nuggets that Lake Communicators members may wish to employ in their online marketing strategies:

1. Cross Promotion
Place URLs to your social media pages and websites on physical, paper items your organization or business prints.

2. eNewsletters
Kleinman recommended MailChimp over Constant Contact, as Mailchimp allows you to test alternate subject lines. This allows you to see which subject lines have a higher click-through rate.

3. Convey Your Expertise
Today’s successful businesses need to be content publishers. We agree with this entirely, that businesses need to convey “thought leadership” in their field in order to be taken credibly. We recommend the book,  “Trust Agents” by Chris Brogan for people who want more inspiration on this topic.

4. SEO
Kleinman gave a rough overview of two key considerations for SEO–title tags and incoming links.

We’d like to add that by making your content Web 2.0-friendly (so that it can tie in with Facebook or be shared, etc.), you create a larger web footprint for your site. When people share your content, it helps with incoming links and SEO.

5. Social Plugins
In mid-April, Facebook released Open Graph, which enables you to make your website or blog plug in to Facebook. One easy feature: you can place a “Like” button on your blog post, and when a user clicks “Like,” a link to your page shows up in their activity stream. We plan to post more on OpenGraph soon.

> Facebook for Websites

We’ve added the “Like” button to all of our customers’ WordPress blogs and plan to investigate more features soon.

> Like for WordPress

6. Marketing Gimmick
Another useful tidbit Kleinman shared: users like to read quantified, enumerated content, i.e. for your subject line of an eNewsletter, you could say “Five Tips for Better SEO.”

7. LinkedIn
One of the better uses of LinkedIn is to make your topical expertise known by answering questions on the Q&A section of LinkedIn. Also, if you use Microsoft Outlook, you can obtain contextual information about someone by installing a LinkedIn toolbar for Microsoft Outlook.


We will be offering an series of free tutorial sessions in our office for common business problems on the Internet. In our first session, we plan to help businesses create Facebook pages. Please contact us at 440-975-9580 for more information, or email contact@lakenetwork.net.

Stay tuned…

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