Search Engine Ranking

From basic to advanced SEO.

Search engine optimization helps your website rank better in organic search engine listings. So this means that if your site is coming up better, you may not have to invest in sponsored ads in order to get website traffic. SEO is a way of saving money.

We add the basic stuff to get your website ready for better search engine result placement – title tags, h tags, descriptions. The basics are all included when we code your site. We retrofit existing sites with basic SEO as well.

There are hundreds of factors that go into SEO, and if you wish to place more highly, we can help you with this by doing advanced SEO work. Here are some things we do for advanced optimization:

Page speed optimization

We’ll optimize the code of your site so that it comes up more quickly, which tends to help search engine rankings.

Schema work

We can add schemas to your products and services to help search engines better understand how to list your site’s information.

Link building

Adding incoming links to your website from credible sources can help tremendously with your site’s ranking.

Site blog development

Keep your website fresh by adding new material to it on a periodic basis.

Keyword work

We’ll help you use natural, appealing yet relevant information in key site areas to help search engines and still appeal to potential clients / website users.

Many more factors…

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