Kathy Smith
Sr. Website Designer

SEO: A Moving Target

Search engine optimization is a moving target. Just when you think you’ve pinned down the magic method to bring traffic to your Web site, the rules change, the market shifts or a strong new competitor moves in.

Levenger is one company that doesn’t rest on its market. The upscale retailer of briefcases, reading lights and the like ceaselessly looks for new strategies to rank high. In an interview in Target Marketing magazine, Lynette Montgomery, Levenger’s vice president of e-commerce, said the company tests new layouts, images and copy all the time.

With more than 1,500 pages of content, the Levenger site is rich in organic search opportunities-“organic” being the method of offering content and structure that is friendly to search engines as opposed to “paid” search engine rankings.

Levenger’s IT department also gave its marketing staff the tools to change title tags, alt tags, meta tags and product descriptions themselves so they could respond to how people found the site and tweak it frequently.

“It takes work, but the rewards are truly well worth it,” Montgomery said. The company started optimizing for organic search in 2004. By the following year their site had produced 120 percent more organic sales.

Marketing Workshop

Are you making the right marketing decisions to maximize your ROI? Does your Web site reinforce your brand and work for you to increase sales? Or–do you feel like you keep making the same marketing mistakes again and again, a la Groundhog Day?

Lake Communicators will present a marketing workshop and luncheon on Thursday, February 1, featuring talks by local marketing whizzes McKinney Advertising& Public Relations, Capstone Media and Webtego.

Visit http://www.lakecommunicators.com to register. The workshop is open to the public.

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