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Website Design

Your company or organization has a unique message, and we’ll design your website to match your markets, your needs, your ideas and ambitions.

Want to manage your own site? We can build it in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or DNN – content management systems (CMS) that give you the tools to dig in and make merry.

Maybe you are perfectly happy to leave your website in the hands of experts (us). No problem. We love it when you call or email us for that minor text change or next big project.

Our custom websites typically start at $2000 to $2500 and range upward depending on the site’s complexity or adding special features such as sliding headers, WordPress or responsive design.

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Responsive Design (Mobile-Optimized)

More and more websites are being read on mobile phone and tablets. Responsive design is a specific means of making a website easily read across a variety of devices. The same website is used for all cases; layout changes based on browser size.

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WordPress Development

Convenience of WordPress custom-designed to your specs. Our huge base of experience enables us to offer beautiful WordPress sites lush with features at an affordable price.

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The average ROI (return on investment) of doing an e-newsletter is some 40% according to Constant Contact. Forty percent! With returns like that it’s a very enticing prospect to do a newsletter to promote your business or organization.

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WordPress Assistance

Have you created a WordPress site but you are stumped by a few features? We offer hands-on training and problem-solving at an hourly rate – pick our minds and considerable experience to make the best WordPress site you can!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having trouble getting found on the Internet? You can have the best website in the world, but that doesn’t help if no one knows you are there.

We build our websites to be search-engine friendly from the get-go. Typically our clients’ sites come up on the first page of Google and other search engines for selected terms.

If your existing website isn’t getting enough traffic, we can work with you to improve your SEO. There’s not a magic method – some markets are more difficult to capture than others and require ongoing, customized SEO programs.

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We’ve done ticket processing, online retail sales, class scheduling, membership dues, Chambermaster integration, book and video sales, training materials and more.

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Social Media & Promotion

Whatever the social media circus comes up with next, we’re ready.  We can make your blog look professional. We’ll fix your Facebook. We’ll make your website work well with social media.

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Editing & Content Generation

Yep, that too! We have a professional writer and editor on staff.

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