Social Media and Promotion

Promote your business or organization (and website) online.

So, you’ve put together a nice, professional website that will do you good. It’s a requirement for most businesses and organizations, sure. Is it enough?

In today’s environment, people are accustomed to not only finding websites via search engines such as Google and Bing, but via social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Your friends and colleagues and maybe you are posting articles from websites on these sites daily.

Does your website work well with social media? Does it have, say, open graph tags and how does the default description of a page of your site appear if someone posts it online?

We can help with this in most any way you need:

  • We prepare websites for social media sharing.
  • We can set up a blog on your own website to help you promote your business or organization.
  • We can write blog articles for you.
  • We professionally style Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages
  • We can even manage your social media program as your social media specialist or find a specialist for you to employ.
  • Many other aspects..

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