Kathy Smith
Sr. Website Designer

The Garden Approach to Website Management

Web Gardening ToolsIn today’s market, the more dynamic and professional your website is, the easier it is for a potential customer to get a sense of your business via its accessibility and responsiveness. This can be made evident online.

In the past, your web designer might have been the only one working on your website. But with today’s technologies and expectations, you as business owner, content contributor, or marketer can have an expanded, active role in posting information on your website.

The garden is an appropriate metaphor for websites. Websites can be seen as living and breathing things based on the interactivity they can foster. They are virtual gardens that you stake out and refer to by domain. And you, the owner of your site, can be the gardener.

Website gardens benefit from attracting beneficial organisms, i.e. customers, and giving them a spade to dig with, tools to see what’s going on, tools for interacting with you and your site and your business. Customers and readers expect to be able to comment on blog entries, to follow up on issues, to really have the ability to gain useful information and engage with you online and not just via email.

Ergo, interactivity and being able to post information yourself is an important component in making your website an engine that can help you promote your products and services.

Benefits of website gardening:

1. The more information you post (as long as it is well organized), the larger the footprint of your garden on the web, which improves your chances for more website traffic driven by search engine indexing.

2. The more items you’ve planted (i.e. blog posts) the higher your credibility in social media avenues such as LinkedIn and Facebook (as long as posts are relevant and professional).

3. Regularly generating information for your website has indirect benefits in other ways; that of self-discipline, of policy development, etc.

Gardening tools and techniques:

– Blogging and other Social Media use
– Use of tools for engagement such as QR codes
– eNewsletters (like Constant Contact) and the ability to sign up on your site
– RSS subscriptions, Google Feedburner
– Commenting capability

To be continued…

Kathy Smith has developed more than 200 websites – everything from n-tier enabled applications to ecommerce to your friendly brochure-style website. She is senior developer at Lakenetwork.net, a website development company in Eastlake, Ohio.


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