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Thinking Realistically About Facebook

FacebookBusiness people know they have to do social media if possible. But many don’t know they need to consider the culture of the venue and the expectations of those who may see their posts. Just because your customers are on Facebook doesn’t mean they want to hear your message there – think before you invest too much effort in it. People go to Facebook to be entertained. If you have something appropriate to say, that’s great – go ahead.

The applicability of Facebook posts

Ideal for these kinds of posters: restaurants and specialty food places, tourism, municipalities, music venues, bookstores, artists, musicians, salons, inspirational, political. Great for organizations who have a humanitarian or environmental mission, etc.

Not ideal for these kinds of businesses: business-to-business (including website design although we have to do it because people expect us to), industrial, law, services such as home improvement.

Semi-OK for these posters if they have a unique twist on their message: medical, government, clothing, builders.

Some ideas for a home improvement business:

  • Home improvement specials: NOOOOOOooooooooo…. (avoid being too salesy for this kind of business. Restaurants: OK. Home improvement: no.)
  • How-to’s on home maintenance. For instance, the importance of checking one’s home exterior and how to take care of issues. How to prevent insect damage, etc.
  • Inspirational home ideas – e.g., share posts of celebrity homes. Add humorous remark, etc.
  • Galleries of work the home improvement business has done – IF photos are appealing and inspiring. No murky photos unless they are “before” shots.
  • Check out what your competition is doing. See how much engagement they get on different types of posts, and emulate the good stuff.

Don’t forget to build your audience. You can start by inviting customers and employees to like your page. You can advertise on Facebook, too. If so, make sure the typical customer would find your page appealing and that they’d wish to follow it and engage and share posts.

Basic rule of thumb: think like your audience!

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