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Tips to Make Your Life With Computers Better

We have discovered that many of our clients can’t whip around the keyboard as easily as we can. These essential keyboard shortcuts will make you the envy of your associates as you copy and paste with a flourish, your fingers flying around the keyboard with the ease of a pro.

Copying, pasting, etc.

Instead of highlighting text and then doing the tedious steps of going to a menu and finding the “copy” function and then the “paste” function, you can memorize these keyboard shortcuts that use the CTRL (or on Macs, the CMD) key.

CTRL-C: Copy
CTRL-V: Paste
CTRL-A: Select All
CTRL-Z: Undo
CTRL-Y: Redo

You need to select the text to perform these functions on it. Click to put the cursor at the head of the text you wish to highlight:

Have a great day!

Then there are a couple ways to make the selection:

Have a great day!

1.  Hold down the SHIFT key and then click to the end point of the selection of text you want to make.

– OR –

2. Click on the head of the text, and while your thumb is holding down the mouse button, drag the mouse to the end point of the selection you want to make.

The selected text’s background color will change. Then you can use a shortcut to copy, cut, paste, etc.

“Fun With Browsers”

Did you know you can keep one window open and also get to a different window? Frequently I like to do this so that I can more easily move to and fro pages I want to keep open during my workday such as Google Calendar and the current website I’m working with.

You may notice that your browser window’s webpage has a tab at the top, and to the right of the tab, there’s a shadowed tab in the background:

Shadowed tab

You can click on that shadowed tab to open a new web page. Then you can keep multiple tabs open and just click on the tabs to go back and forth between the pages:

Additional page on new tab

There are even shortcuts to opening pages into new tabs. For instance, suppose you are reading an article and it has a link that you’d like to go to, but you’d still like to keep that first article open.

You can do this by using CTRL+Click (or on Mac’s, CMD+Click). Hold the CTRL key down and then click on the link. This will open the link up in a new tab.

Internet Explorer shortcuts…

Mac Safari browser basics…

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