Kathy Smith
Sr. Website Designer

Two new sites sport new trends that are here to stay!

Villa Beach Communications and Camelot Home Inspections

We are pleased to announce the publication of two site redesigns this month! Both designs are for long time pre-existing customers who have updated their sites to take advantage of the strongest of today’s trends.

Villa Beach Communications

Villa Beach Communications, a Cleveland-area graphic design firm, sent us the graphic design for their new site – and we made it happen by coding it all and putting it together. The website has a WordPress backend, as do most websites that come out today.

Villa Beach has a lovely video background on their home page, which is focused on delivering a thematic message – the beach. Waves lap in over sand, and as they fade out, the headline (“Create”) fades in.

Villa Beach has an amazing portfolio of customers (such as The Cleveland Museum of Natural History), and we are thrilled to be involved in a project with such talented folk.

Camelot Home Inspections

Another long-time customer, Camelot Home Inspections in Willoughby, Ohio, felt that trends had sufficiently progressed such that it was a good time to leap aboard and refresh their website design.

Camelot performs home inspections in Northeast Ohio. Services include mold inspection, radon testing, septic systems, termite inspection, well water inspection and more. Clients are both commercial and residential.

From a web design perspective, highlights of this site include the hero area on the home page and a drop down mega menu. (A hero section is simply a big panel in which a slideshow or some illustrative background image is placed, typically filling the browser window from side to side.)

Camelot’s hero image sports a young couple in front of a nice middle-class bungalow. The image zooms in slightly when the web page first comes up, adding a sense of depth. Three main service areas are featured overlaying the background, and when one hovers over the areas, they pop up slightly, adding a tactile feel.

The mega menu is a drop down menu with icons accompanying each service.

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