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Web Sites That Work

p>Businesses could be faced with lackluster sales during these challenging economic times. It’s always important to ensure your Web site is working to increase your profits and productivity, but it’s doubly important now. How can your Web site build profits and increase productivity with limited resources?

Here are some ideas:

Make sure your pricing is competitive. Is there any way you can shave costs in your pricing structure?

Tell the viewer how essential your product or service is. For example:
Now, more than ever, you need to look your absolute best to get the sale, so come to our salon.

Offer extra value that saves your customers money as they gear up for the holidays.

  • Point out to the visitors to your site that with today’s gas prices, shopping online saves not only time, but gas money as well.
  • Post a downloadable holiday budget planner on your site – your customers will thank you for helping them track their spending.
  • Offer buy one, get one specials, or discounts for those who make a holiday purchase to use next year. This will bring them back in January.

None of these ideas will matter if you’re not getting the traffic you want to your site. Here’s where search engine optimization (SEO) is important. How do you know if you are getting the right traffic? Get statistics from your Web site host on what search terms people are using to find you.

How do you do that? Have your Web maintenance team add Google Analytics to your site. A lot of people think backwards about this – they think SEO is when someone plugs in the name of their company and it comes up. No! SEO is for when someone doesn’t know the name of your company or maybe doesn’t even know you exist! Find Google Analytics at www.google.com/analytics to be able to learn where your visitors come from – and how they interact with your site. Not to mention that it’s FREE to all Internet advertisers and Web site owners.

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