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Websites Hit by More Smartphone Usage

The following article appeared in the November/December 2014 newsletter of the Willoughby Western Lake County Chamber of Commerce.

Experts are reporting that a majority of people now use mobile devices to get to the Internet–and that includes their email, too. As website developers and e-newsletter providers, we at Lakenetwork.net confirm that we are seeing large mobile readership in our customers’ website statistics.

You have probably had the experience of looking at a website on your smartphone and having to pinch and squeeze to see the information more clearly. Or you’ve checked your favorite e-newsletter only to find, well, it’s not so fun to read on your mobile device.

responsive design for websites, mobile websitesThere’s a solution to this, and you can use it. It’s called responsive design.

Responsive design detects the size of your browser window–whether a laptop, a tablet or your smartphone–and adjusts the layout based on this size automatically. For instance, a website’s sidebar might drop down underneath the main article when the browser window has shrunk down to a smaller width.

Font sizes can change, menu sizes can change. Entire sections can even fall away and be hidden, based on the browser window size and how your responsive design is programmed.

To incorporate responsive design, ask your web developer to use “css media queries” to determine the browser’s window size and make adjustments to your site’s style accordingly.

If you are marketing by email, MailChimp has great responsive mobile e-newsletter templates that can be customized with your own look. It’s best to keep it simple. Invest your creative energy in the enewsletter header and select fonts that are easy to read.

Remember–just as your perception of a business’s image is affected by material the business publishes, your customers’ perceptions are affected by your own marketing materials. Using responsive design in your presence indicates to your customers that you care about their need for easily digestible information and that you provide quality work.

Some of the responsive design websites that we at Lakenetwork.net have created are:

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