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What’s Missing On Your Web Site’s Homepage

What’s missing on your Web site’s home page?

Your customers and potential customers go to your Web site for information. The last thing you want is a frustrated customer—and that’s what you’ll get if your information is hard to find.

Here are some of the elements your home page may lack:

Contact information. Do you display your company name, address, and main telephone number clearly? Is there an obvious link to the contact page, which can provide more details?

Clear navigation. Are the pages listed in logical order? Can the reader figure out how to get from here to there without going down blind alleys? If pages go deep into your Web site, do you use drop-down menus so the reader can see where to go at-a-glance?

More complex sites may also need a customer log-in function, search button and help link on their home page.

These three functions—log-ins, search and help—were sorely lacking in U.S. telecom company home pages, according to Brulant Inc., an online solutions provider to the telecom industry. Their study of 13 leading telecom companies found:

  • 69% of home pages did not provide customers the opportunity to log in to their account
  • 46% of home pages did not have a site search functionality
  • Only 39% of home pages offered a ‘help’ link

“Customers use the online channel because they expect it offers the best chance of getting their needs met in real time,” says Rich Drab, a partner with Brulant’s Telecom practice. “When customers fail to get their basic account needs met via the home page, it creates a sense of dissatisfaction that is difficult for the telecom provider to overcome later in the customer service relationship.”

Most companies count customer service as their #1 concern. Make sure your home page provides the best customer service possible.

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