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When Your Yahoo or AOL.com Account Bounces Email

E-mail to readWe set up emails for our website clients, and quite often we get requests to have emails forward automatically to their Yahoo, AOL or gmail accounts.

People are very comfortable with reading email on Yahoo or some other provider that they’ve used for a long time. So they want us to set up email to forward from their domain, for instance sales@lakenetwork.net, to their preferred email account,  lakenetwork@yahoo.com.

But occasionally our clients who use Yahoo or AOL.com learn that they are not receiving all their emails. Even the popular gmail accounts get bounced sometimes. We’ve been doing research and found that this is a common problem.

It seems to be quite an issue lately. People are finding that even email from people they correspond with all the time gets bounced. Or it only gets through some of the time, or it goes to spam.

We’ve done a little investigating to try to solve this problem. Like many things with the Internet, there are a number of thoughts on this issue.

One popular host, Dreamhost, tells us that Yahoo and some other providers “rate limit” email. This means that if Yahoo receives more than a set amount of email during a particular time period from a particular server (e.g., Dreamhost), messages may not get through (“bounces”) or may be sent to spam boxes. Sometimes the email works its way to the recipient after a period of time, but meanwhile the person sending it gets a message that it’s been bounced.

Another provider, Inmotion, says it is possible to make sure there are minimal problems if one “whitelists” email addresses that are having trouble reaching them. But Yahoo and AOL have limited success in whitelisting.

And besides, how would you know if someone’s trying to reach you in the first place, so you could whitelist them?

And yet others say that one may use filters in a clever way to whitelist email on Yahoo. And here is Yahoo’s answer on how to whitelist emails.

Safe use of forwarders

Lately, we’ve been working with clients to get them off their Yahoo or AOL addiction. I used to have a Yahoo account myself. As cumbersome as it was to learn to use a new email system, I’m glad now that I did. I use Windows Live Mail and it’s been great.  Outlook is another successful way to handle your email.

If you use Windows on your computer, you’ll most likely have some version of Outlook or Windows Mail. Or you can go with a popular program such as Thunderbird–it’s even free.

And if you want to read your email from the web, that’s usually an option with your server as well. Your server can store at least small amounts of email, at least enough so that you can check it on the road for short periods of time. We set server email quotas at 200MB by default.

Ultimately, the situation is that website hosts don’t want their emails forwarded outside of the domain you are using. They should only be used in forwarding an email address such as info@ or sales@ to a person’s email address affiliated with the same domain. For instance, setting it up so sales@lakenetwork.net forwards to jgreen@lakenetwork.net is what forwarders are meant to do.

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