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Sr. Website Designer

Will SEO Help My Sales? It’s Not the Only Factor for Success

There are a number of factors in building good SEO, or search engine optimization, into your website. While you may be successful, high traffic is great but it doesn’t mean everything.

The key question for you is, will SEO improve your sales? Will customers contact you to find out more? Will they become aware of your brand? Will they press the buttons that magically translate into successful e-commerce? Will they buy your service or widget? Will they be moved to action?

First you need to answer these questions:

– Is someone actually looking for the product or service you offer?

– Are you offering your product for the right price? Do you convey its benefits such that people understand what they are investing in when they purchase your product?

– Is your website credible in terms of site design (appealing, professional, information easy to find)?

Diligent work

– How many other businesses are also optimizing their websites for your same product or service? Locally? Nationally?

– Have you worked enough on your SEO to get results?

Good, basic SEO is a matter of having the right keywords in your site plus the right title tags and metatags. Sometimes that is enough, but sometimes you need to venture into advanced search engine optimization.

Huge businesses can have entire teams devoted to advanced SEO work full-time. If you are a small business, you have to work twice as smart as the big guys. It takes time and commitment to:

  • Regularly add information to the site in the shape of a blog
  • Update your news page
  • Foster relationships via social media
  • Develop incoming links

Take a look at your particular business niche. A large insurance company probably has a team of people devoted to this effort. So if you are a small insurance business, don’t expect to have great results on a national level.  It is possible, however, to rank well on a local level.

If you are selling locally, it is much easier to obtain good local rankings on the search engines. Ultimately however your sales success depends on these things: whether your public is looking for your product or service, how local you are, if you have exactly what they want, if the price is right, and if your site presents information in an easy-to-understand, credible way.

Kathy Smith has developed more than 200 websites – everything from n-tier enabled applications to ecommerce to your friendly brochure-style website. She is senior developer at Lakenetwork.net, a website development company in Eastlake, Ohio.


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